I worked in tech prior to graduate school, most recently at Google. Embedded in a team of engineers, I became deeply engaged in the design, development, and release of a business-to-business online software product. My role was one of translation between teams, functions, users, and organizations, and the longitudinal 360-degree perspective this offered led me to start asking questions about the connection between micro-level interactions, organizational and group structures, and larger social phenomena.


Once I entered graduate school, I found my intellectual home in the sociology of science, knowledge, and technology at Columbia University. I also fell in love with teaching and began developing my understanding of engaged learning, inclusive teaching, and equity & justice in higher education.

As a postdoc at Cornell, I continued my professional development in these areas, and ultimately found myself drawn to more directed work in the field. I served as an Engaged Learning Faculty Fellow and was awarded a Postdoctoral Achievement Award for Excellence in Leadership for committee work related to advancing equity and justice within the department.


After decades in New York, I have recently settled in Sacramento, California, where I live with the world's cutest (and possibly shortest) dog.

Mac, the dog