I'm a postdoctoral associate in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University, where I focus on research and teaching development related to the intersection of new technologies, work practices, expertise, and social structure. As an Engaged Cornell Faculty Fellow, I designed and launched, together with Professors Stephen Hilgartner and Malte Ziewitz, a new project-based undergraduate course, the Data Science & Society Lab.

I am also working on an interdisciplinary research team that is examining the "Social Implications of the Software-Defined Farm," through the Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA).


My broader research interests include emerging data work practices and the invisible labor of the data society; standards and standardization; team dynamics and group decision-making; the changing landscape of human expertise in relation to machine learning and artificial intelligence; data subjectivity and governance; and how all of the above fit into explanations of technology's tendency to (re)produce social inequalities.